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FAQS About Your Lexus Tires

Our Lexus of Orange County service department consists of seasoned, attentive techs trained to handle any repair or routine service that your Lexus requires. Tire service is one such service that we get many questions about here at our Middletown, Ny service center. Here are some FAQs about your Lexus tires and the service they may require down the line.

When should Lexus tires be replaced?

It's generally a good idea to replace your Lexus tires every six years, no matter how many miles you log. That being said, tread wear and tread depth are the best indicators of a need for new Lexus tires, so make sure to have them checked when you visit our Lexus service center near Newburgh.

The ideal Lexus tire tread depth is 6/32nds of an inch. Once your Lexus tire tread depth wears down to between 5/ to 4/32nds of an inch, it's time for new tires. Our Chester area Lexus dealership service techs can check that your Lexus tire tread depths are healthy or not.

What brand of tires does Lexus use?

Lexus uses all of the major brands of tires: Michelin, Bridgestone, Pirelli, Goodyear and many more. Each Lexus model and trim level has its own uniquely paired brand and tire type to maximize each vehicle's braking, safety, fuel economy, handling and overall ride quality.

Fortunately, the Lexus Tire Center at our dealership near Warwick boasts an online home where you can input your Lexus year, model, and trim. Based on your inputs, our online locator returns a plethora of possible brands and tire types that are compatible with your Lexus.

When should you get tire rotations?

It's advisable to get tire rotations every 5,000 to 7,500 miles. By having your tires rotated, you expose each tire to equal amounts of tread wear, enhancing balance, handling, traction and tire longevity.

What seasonal tires does Lexus use?

Every Lexus model is engineered to be compatible with either seasonal or all-weather tires by a multitude of premium brands. If routinely rotated, all-weather tires can get you through all seasons. Seasonal tires must be changed, so make sure to schedule an appointment with our Lexus tire center near Monroe to do so.

Winter tires are softer than summer tires to augment grip and traction on wet and icy roads. Owing to their relative softness, winter tires tend to wear down fast in warmer weather. During springtime maintenance, consider swapping your Lexus winter tires for summer tires or for all-season tires.

Be sure to peruse our dealership's service specials before you schedule your next service appointment. We're always running great specials that can save you money. Our dealership serves all of Orange County and neighboring locations. Until then, be safe. We look forward to hearing from you.


The right tires not only help contribute to your vehicle's handling and performance, but can also impact fuel efficiency and safety as well. If your tires are showing signs of wear, you can get exact replacements for the original tires at a competitive price at Lexus of Orange County Service Center. Our highly experienced Lexus technicians will ensure that your tires are mounted, balanced and inflated to match your vehicle's specifications.

View our competitive tire prices. Simply provide your vehicle information and the tires that you are interested in. Ensure your Lexus is in top performing condition by replacing your original tires at Lexus of Orange County Service Center conveniently located in Middletown.
To keep your L/Certified by Lexus vehicle running in optimum condition, Lexus offers a complimentary scheduled maintenance program for L/Certified vehicles. The program begins upon purchase of your L/Certified vehicle and includes your next four scheduled maintenance service visits within 2 years or 20,000 miles (whichever comes first).


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