Frequently Asked Questions about Lexus Oil Changes


If you want to keep your Lexus running for as long as possible, you'll need to change the engine oil on a regular basis. Let's take a look at how often engine oil needs to be changed and answer some other questions that we regularly receive about this service at Lexus of Orange County.

How Often Should I Change the Oil on a Lexus?

Ideally, you will have your Lexus vehicle's oil changed every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, but that can vary based on your mileage and driving style. On average, a person will drive his or her car about 1,000 miles per month. Therefore, you should plan on getting your oil changed every five to seven months. If you drive less than 5,000 miles per year, be sure to complete this task at least once every 12 months. Check with our ASE-certified Lexus technicians if you have any questions about your Lexus car's oil change intervals.

Why Do I Need to Change My Car's Engine Oil?

Motor oil is what helps to keep metal parts in the engine lubricated. This allows them to rub together without causing heat and friction that can lead to excess wear. Over time, oil will turn into a thick and sticky substance that can make it harder for these components to move properly. If you don't change the oil in a timely manner, you may need to replace the entire engine.

What Type of Oil Should I Use?

In most cases, a technician at our service center will use synthetic oil because it lasts longer. It can also do a better job of protecting your car on extremely cold winter mornings or extremely hot summer days.

If your vehicle is due for an oil change, feel free to schedule a service appointment online or by calling our Middletown, NY Lexus service center during normal business hours. You can also feel free to stop by our location without making an appointment first. We will likely be able to service your vehicle in a timely and professional manner at our Lexus repar center near Warwick and Monroe.

Proper maintenance and care at factory recommended maintenance intervals is a great way to keep your Lexus running great and maintain its value. Scheduled maintenance service may include these items, depending on the mileage and oil type (synthetic or non-synthetic):
  • Inspect and adjust all fluid levels.
  • Replace engine oil; replace oil filter.
  • Replace cabin air filter.
  • Rotate tires.
  • Visually inspect brake pads, calipers and rotors.
Need service for your Lexus? Our Lexus factory-trained technicians right here in Middletown at Lexus of Orange County can quickly perform this service for you. Schedule an appointment with Lexus of Orange County.


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