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Frequently Asked Questions About Lexus Battery Service

Your Lexus battery is designed to last. If you have any questions about your Lexus battery, take a look at our frequently asked questions. If you have any more questions, please contact the service department at Lexus of Orange County today.

How long does a Lexus battery last?

All car batteries have a lifespan of about 4 to 7 years, but that can vary based on usage, driving style, and maintenance. To extend the usable lifespan of your Lexus car's battery to its maximum potential, check in with our Lexus technicians here in Middletown, NY to see what you can do to get the most out of it.

When should I have my Lexus battery replaced?

Here are some indicators that your Lexus battery needs to be replaced:

  • A slow starting engine
  • Dimmer lights
  • Constant electrical issues with the vehicle
  • The check engine light is lit
  • Corroded connectors
  • The battery is at least four years old

What is the optimal charge level of a Lexus battery?

The battery should have at least 75% charging power. If the battery charge level is below 75% and is not brought back up to that level, then the battery may become permanently damaged.

How many amps are in a battery?

An average car battery has a capacity of around 48 amp hours. That means that the battery delivers about 1 amp every 48 hours, 2 amps every 24 hours or 8 amps every 6 hours.

How long can a Lexus car battery last without driving?

A brand new, fully charged battery can last for up to 2 weeks without being charged by the generator. If the vehicle goes 2 to 3 months without a start-up, the car battery will not be able to start the engine.

Can you charge the battery by revving the engine?

Yes, you can charge up the battery by revving the engine. However, you can also charge the battery by simply driving the vehicle.

What can make a car batter go bad early?

About half of premature car battery failures are caused by a lack of maintenance of the vehicle, lack of start-ups of the vehicle and overcharging the battery.


If you need to have your car battery replaced on your Lexus, contact the service center at Lexus of Orange County today. We serve drivers from all over Newburgh, Chester, Warwick, and even Monroe, and we'd be happy to earn your business as well.

If your vehicle is hard to start and/or has dim headlights when the engine is turned off, your battery is getting weak and should be replaced with a new Genuine Lexus battery. Manufactured by Lexus' standards for quality and performance, these batteries are the only batteries authorized for original equipment (OE) warranty replacement. They come with a 24-month free replacement warranty and prorated for the balance of the 84-month warranty period.

Is it time to replace your battery? If you answer YES to any of the questions below, it may be time.
  • Is your battery more than three years old?
  • Has your battery outlived its warranty period?
  • Have any warning lights come on?
  • Has your vehicle been jump-started lately?
  • Have you had to use a portable charger to recharge your battery lately?
  • Do the lights dim when the A/C or heat is on?
  • Has your vehicle had alternator or belt problems recently?
  • Is there visible corrosion on the battery posts or cables?
Our technicians here at Lexus of Orange County have the latest battery-testing equipment available to determine your battery's health and state of charge to help prevent you from having a no-start situation. Schedule your appointment to have your battery tested, serviced or replaced. We will also properly dispose of your old battery to conserve our environment.


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