The Advantages of Financing at Lexus of Orange County

Auto-financing a new luxury vehicle in Middletown, NY, is only as difficult as you make it out to be. Whether you’re in the market to buy or lease your next car, the experts at Lexus of Orange County want you to know that each financing option has its own unique set of benefits. To help ensure you make the right investment, let’s dive in and discover the benefits of buying versus the benefits of leasing.

Benefits of Buying

Buying is recommended for drivers who know what they want and can afford to pay a down payment on their favorite new luxury vehicle. With buying comes eventual ownership, which grants you full and unprecedented access to drive and customize your vehicle how you see fit after your car loan is paid off. In addition to acquiring ownership of your new luxury vehicle, buying also comes along with other exclusive advantages, including:

  • Drive as much as you want with no penalty
  • Freedom to sell your vehicle after it’s paid off
  • Refinancing can help save money later down the road
  • Financing is simplified and easier than leasing

Benefits of Leasing

Leasing is ideal for budget-conscious shoppers who prefer driving the latest luxury vehicles every few years. When you lease a new luxury car at Lexus of Orange County, you’ll be asked to pay less each month than if you were to buy. And instead of owning the vehicle, leasing allows you to rent it for a specified amount of time before you need to return it, usually at least two or three years. Additional leasing advantages include:

  • Ease of trade-in at the end of your lease
  • Enjoy the latest user-friendly and intelligent tech
  • Save money on sales tax
  • Vehicle is covered by the manufacturer’s original warranty

Learn More About Financing

Discover which financing option is best suited for your lifestyle in Middletown, NY, with help from our sales team at Lexus of Orange County. Please click, call, or contact us online to get started filling out a financing application today!

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