At Lexus of Orange County, we know investing in a new Lexus is an exciting time for any driver near Middletown. Our newest Lexus lineup includes a few different options, each of which delivers a refined and luxurious driving experience to whomever takes the wheel.

If you're not sure whether buying or leasing your next Lexus is the right choice, the Lexus of Orange County team is happily able to help you make the decision that suits your budget, driving style and needs best.

Leasing a new Lexus is a great choice for drivers who don't want to commit to a vehicle long-term. When you lease, you can get moving with a brand-new Lexus for little or no money down, enjoy affordable monthly payments and reap many of the same benefits as buying a new model. You will, however, have a mileage cap that if exceeded, results in a fee.

Buying a new Lexus ES350, Lexus IS300, or Lexus RX350 will allow you to enjoy limitless mileage, the opportunity to make any custom changes to your vehicle, and the chance to sell or keep your vehicle once you pay your loan off.

Our customers can find great incentives to buy or lease new Lexus models, as well as special prices within in our new Lexus specials inventory. Shop new Lexus models near Middletown, NY today and enjoy the option to buy or lease a Lexus sedan or SUV that includes the capabilities and features you're looking for.

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