Lexus Named Luxury Brand with Lowest Five-Year Cost to Own by Kelley Blue Book

When buying a car, looking ahead at typical ownership costs can often make or break a vehicle for most drivers. The initial purchase price is one thing, but other out-of-pocket expenses that a driver is likely to incur later often play a role in the decision process. Fortunately, Lexus vehicles make it easy to choose if you're looking for a car that offers the lowest costs. Lexus sits comfortably in the top spot of Kelley Blue Book's list of luxury brands with the lowest five-year cost to own!

What Does it Mean to Have a Low Cost to Own?

Cost to own factors in the other parts of car ownership that cost money aside from the car itself. Kelley Blue Book considers a variety of elements such as the cost of fuel, maintenance, insurance, depreciation, and other factors that contribute to the normal everyday costs of owning a car.

Lexus earned a top spot among brands with the lowest five-year cost to own. What does that mean for you? Owning a Lexus vehicle means that you won't have to pay as much out of pocket during the first few years of ownership. Vehicles from other brands tend to rack up more costs, making Lexus models fabulous choices if you're looking to maximize your comfort while driving around Newburgh and minimize the amount you'll have to pay after you sign off on your purchase.

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