Despite the desire to downsize vehicles to save money, many drivers are now choosing to buy an SUV, and at Prestige Lexus of Middletown we want you to make an informed decision when it’s time to choose your next vehicle. There are so many reasons why drivers are now choosing an SUV, and here are just a few.
• SUVs get good gas mileage despite their larger size.
• SUVs are the ideal vehicle for transporting your dog or other pets.
• SUVs are large enough to efficiently hold up to 9 passengers.
• SUVs are great for towing trailers, boats and similar things.
• SUVs are the perfect vehicle for off-road driving.
• SUVs are safer than cars in a collision.
• SUVs will handle better in floods, storms and other inclement weather conditions.

Pay us a visit at our Middletown dealership, check out the many models of SUVs we have, and take one out for a test drive.



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