Backup cameras are becoming the norm. This is especially true after a recent federal law requiring that all cars weighing under 10,000 pounds have some type of rearview assistance technology. As an experienced Prestige Lexus of Middletown, it is our job to keep buyers informed because that makes you a smarter customer.

What is a Backup Camera?

The backup camera has become as important as your rearview mirrors. This is because it allows you to see behind your car more clearly, expanding your view and eliminating blind spots.

In a city like Middletown, there is a lot that could be going on around that you may not be aware of without a rearview camera. This can help you in all sorts of ways, like it gives you the ability to parallel park easier than ever before.

Of course, this backup camera needs to be maintained. One thing that happens frequently is the lens gets dirty, but our team will show you how to clean the lens and anything else you are hoping to learn about this safety system.



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