One way that you can help to prevent motion sickness from occurring is to equalize some of the sensory cues that are around you. Try to get into a position so that your inner ear understands that your body is traveling in the same position throughout the entire trip.

Try to focus your eyes on a point along the horizon in Middletown as these images usually don't move past the vehicle as quickly as those that are up close. If you can gain a better perspective of your environment while you're traveling, then it's sometimes easier to prevent this issue so that you can enjoy your trip. Consider getting a visor installed by Prestige Lexus of Middletown along the window that you're looking out to help with your focus.

Another tip to help prevent getting sick while traveling is to talk yourself down to a level of comfort. This is all in the mind and how you react to situations as you're going to tell yourself that you're not going to get sick.



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