There was a time when only emergency responders had dashcams, but the technology is now available to all drivers. Prestige Lexus of Middletown wants drivers to get the most out of their vehicle, and that includes accessories like your dashcam.

So, why do you need a dashcam? Dashcams are great in the event of an accident, but they serve other purposes as well. Do you have an epic road trip planned? Use your dashcam to record your journey. You might not be able to remember the name of that amazing roadside restaurant you stopped at, but your dashcam does.

Have you ever witnessed something so unexpected on your travels that nobody believed you? A dashcam gives you evidence to back up your travel tales. Russian drivers captured footage of the Chelyabinsk meteor with their dashcam. While you might not see a meteor entering the earth's atmosphere, you might get a great shot of a moose crossing the road.



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